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Maine, Provinces of NewBrunswick, Nova Scotia & PEI

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Eastern Canada and Maine Kosher

Mission Statement
To expand and strengthen the state of Kashrus, both communally as well as individually, and assist businesses in the development and implementation of a Kashrus program in the Canadian Maritime provinces and in Maine.

Senior Rabbinical Consultants:
HaRav Yechezkel Auerbach, HaRav Pinchas E. Juravel

Rabbinical Administrator
Rabbi Yitzchok Isaac Yagod

Rabbinic Board
Rabbi Yitzchok Isaac Yagod - Moncton, NB
Rabbi Amram Maccabi

Date founded: 2010

Mailing address
18 Mill Street
Mars Hill, ME 04758

Phone #: 610-905-2166, 207-217-1094


Services offered

  • 24/6 free Kashrus hotline
  • Communal Seminars
  • Free Kashering of homes
  • "Keilim-Fund" to facilitate committing to kosher
  • Overseeing Mikva Kashrus locally
  • Seminars on Mikva usage and Purity
  • Weekly email, Divrei Torah and Information

Contact: Rabbi Yitzchok I Yagod

Kashruth Hotline:(24x6) 610-905-2166/207-217-1094 or

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